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SRVR: Investing in the Intelligence Revolution

SRVR Index is the foundation of technology as our economy depends on an increasingly sophisticated backbone of data centers, wireless towers, and fiber optic networks.

New technologies have led to a series of industrial revolutions. Today, we are entering a fourth revolution — one where there will need to be an unprecedented buildout of technological infrastructure.

SRVR Index is Set to Capitalize.

SRVR: Kelly Data Center & Tech Infrastructure Index

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Unprecedented Demand for Technology Infrastructure

  • 75 Billion Internet of Things Devices by 2025 – Gartner
  • 94% of workloads and compute instances will be processed by cloud data centers by 2021 – Cisco
  • 11X Growth – 65% CAGR Estimated total Internet-of-Things traffic between 2018–2023 -AV & Co. Research and Analysis
The build out of data centers, cell phone towers, and fiber will enable the Future Four Horsemen

A Low Volatility and High Alpha Way to Play Technology

SRVR index gives direct exposure to the build out of cloud, 5G, edge computing infrastructures as most portfolios are already positioned through software, hardware, and semiconductors.

Artificial Intelligence

The expanding integration of Artificial Intelligence in B2B and B2C products and services will increase data usage exponentially requiring more SRVR index infrastructure to process the datasets. SRVR cloud data centers will be at the center of AI architectures.

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

Apple’s release of ARKit, Google’s work on Tango, and the enthusiastic adoption of these platforms by developers, will influence workflows is the data center for augmented and virtual reality. AR / VR are fast moving environments with stringent reliability and availability requirements.  Augmented reality devices and applications are emerging technologies that are being deployed for military, education and training purposes.

Internet of Things / 5G

SRVR constituents – Tower and data centers – will play a vital role globally in enabling greater connectivity between people, things, and infrastructure. As this new generation of technology – 5G – is expected to help facilitate the increasing proliferation of the “internet of things” (IoT) and more advanced machine-to-machine technologies.

Blockchain / Distributed Ledgers

Due to its speed, flexibility, and scale, private blockchain technology could benefit any industry requiring fast, secure transactions across multiple cloud data centers. The emergence of blockchain cloud technology is no surprise. Blockchain distributed ledger solutions for secure key management and cryptography service offered on cloud-neutral platforms simplifies data protection across any cloud architecture. Solutions include cloud data center key storage, encryption and tokenization, addresses performance and GRC requirements at the digital edge close to clouds, carriers and counterparties, and restricts key access to authorized users.

Future Four Horsemen

The Future Four Horsemen are going to permeate every aspect of our daily lives. Significant investment is taking place to build out the technological infrastructure.

Eight-rack pod of Google’s liquid-cooled TPU version 3 servers for artificial intelligence workloads

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