INDS Index: Kelly Benchmark Indexes
eCommerce Infrastructure
INDS Index Guide access to the premier indexes of SRVR & INDS.
SRVR Index: Kelly Benchmark Indexes
5G & Cloud Infrastructure
SRVR Index Guide Infrastructure. Helps Investors Access Disruptive Technology

SRVR Index is the Premiere Way to Access 5G & Cloud Infrastructure

SRVR is the sophisticated backbone of data centers, wireless towers, and fiber optic networks that moves the economy’s critical data and analytics. SRVR represents the foundational infrastructure for the intelligence revolution, superseding the Computing and Industrial Revolutions before it. Cloud computing, 5G, and other ‘themes’ are not even close to encompassing what SRVR represents.

SRVR Index’s premier position as the way to play 5G & The Cloud is exemplified by 2019 returns of 46.40% and index dividend yield of 2.73% (as of 12/31/19)

INDS Index is the Undisputed Way to Invest in E-Commerce

INDS is the best way to capitalize on the growth of e-Commerce, cannabis, and cold storage. The insatiable demand to receive packages in a day or less has led to an era of ‘last mile’ revolution. It’s an arms race for space. Our constituents own and manage best-in-class warehouse/distribution facilities.

INDS Index’s premier position as the way to play the e-Commerce effect is exemplified by 2019 returns and index dividend yield of 3.06% (as of 12/31/19)

Our Firm

Founded by Kevin Kelly, Kelly Benchmark Indexes (f/k/a Benchmark Investments) is a real estate index firm. Mr. Kelly created, and conceived, the company to provide access to the premier indexes of SRVR & INDS.

Kelly Benchmark Indexes can be used as versatile tools to support active portfolio management by integrating into critical functions like risk, volatility and liquidity management. Many institutions need Benchmark’s indexes to obtain strategic exposures in the core components of their investment portfolios and to achieve portfolio diversification.  The range of uses can be used for tasks like making tactical adjustments to portfolios, rebalancing, transition management, cash equitization, and interim beta.  Market participants are also attracted to benefits such as liquidity, ease and speed of use and low costs.

Kelly Benchmark Indexes power investment products and strategies for some of the top leading firms including its franchise SRVR & INDS indexes.

Previously, Kevin Kelly founded Recon Capital Partners where he served as the Chief Investment Officer, Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager of affiliated funds. Funds managed included a long / short REIT hedge fund, domestic portfolios and international portfolios including DAX Germany, and the FTSE 100. At Recon Capital, Mr. Kelly led initial public offering of the Eagle Growth and Income (NYSE: EGIF) closed end fund after creating a custom options strategy for the portfolio as well as building their successful ETF (exchange traded fund) franchise which was later sold. Kevin Kelly previously worked for Goldman Sachs in the investment management division and Deutsche Bank’s debt capital markets group in London.

Management & Operations

Benchmark’s indexes power investment products and strategies for some of the top leading firms including its franchise SRVR & INDS indexes.

Kevin R. Kelly

Founder, CEO & Managing Partner

Kevin R. Kelly received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance, Summa Cum Laude, from the W.P. Carey School of Business and Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University.

Krista Kelly

Executive Director

Ms. Kelly has served in several key account management positions including at a Fortune 500 company. Ms. Kelly has earned her BA from Arizona State University.

Thought Leadership

Kelly Benchmark Indexes’ thought leadership regularly appears in leading financial TV, print and electronic media outlets, including Reuters, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Fox News, Fox Business News and CNBC.